Saturday, August 28, 2010

vugen script replay - HP Web Tours New user Registration script

user already have a recorded script for HP Web Tours Recording - New User Registration. Click Here for details.

Demo Video - HP Web Tours Application - New User Registration Script - Replay

This is my first video tutorial. It would be great if users are giving comments on the quality of the content and video. Based on the comment, I can prepare my future video tutorial in a much better way

Step by Step Procedure to run the script

  1. Double click the Vugen shortcut available in the system desktop
  2. Go to File > Open > Enter D:\StayTuned\Scripts\Recording\WebTours_NewRegistration in file name text box > click open button
  3. Click Tools menu > Click General Options item > Click Display tab and select Show browser during replay checkbox and then click ok button(This option shows the runtime viewer during the script replay)
  4. Click Vuser menu and click Run item OR Press F5 OR Click Runicon in Recording Toolbar
  5. This executes the script successfully without fail. If you observe carefully the runtime viewer, system displays the error as "Your username is taken *******".This error means HP web tours sample application already have an account by this name and suggesting the user to use unique name to register.

Points To Consider

This example shows how the load tester (without proper training or mentoring) can do a invalid test. If Load tester did not find this error in vugen runtime viewer and assume script is working fine.what would be the validity of the load test if load tester conducts a 100 user test and publish the results.It is always a good practice to customize the loadrunner scripts for page validation and others. I am planning to write an article Customizing loadrunner vuser scripts in near future

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