Saturday, October 23, 2010

Steps to Download HP Load runner 11.0 evaluation version

user already registered with HP site

Video Tutorial - how to download Load runner 11.0 evaluation version

Step by Step Procedure

  1. Open Google in Internet Explorer
  2. Search for "HP Software - Download Center"
  3. Click Link "Download Center - HP Software"
  4. Enter "load runner trial version" in Keyword text box.
    Choose "Trial Software" from Refine search by resource type
    Click Search button
  5. Click "HP Load Runner 11.00 Evaluation" Link
  6. To download evaluation version, user should have registered with HP.
    Enter user Credentials if you have and sign-in
    Register with HP site
  7. Click I Agree button
  8. Download the following two files to the same directory of your system
    2. Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01
  9. while downloading .z01 file, give double quotes (") around file name. ("Software_HP_LoadRunner_11.00_T7177_15013.z01")
    Otherwise it will override the existing zip file
  10. Using win zip
    rigth click ""
    Click "Extract here" option
  11. Extraction results in "" file.
    Again extract this file using win zip to T7177-15013 folder.
    This results in the Full installation.
  12. Double click folder "T7177-15013" and setup file is available in the folder


  1. which platform are those installation based on?
    Windows or Linux?
    Please notify me by email:
    Thanks so much. I'm trying to download the files ,but they are about 2.5GB and I don't wanna do in Vain, I'm using WindowsXP.

  2. I have installed successfully in windows xp and the given steps are based on need to have enough space on your system to download the files and after that to extract it.

  3. its not working in windows vista. is that true? i tried to installed QC too..

  4. The version before loadrunner 9.5 would not support on windows vista. however loadrunner 9.5 and higher versions seems to be supported. what is the error message are you getting?

  5. What is the time period for evaluation version

  6. Awesome Job Barath K... Keep it up

    1. Thank you and welcome. Now a days i am not actively writing blog posts.Let me start this again

  7. hey bharath thanks yaar......

  8. i did as u mention bt it 1.25 gb :(

    1. does this mean are you successful in downloading the files and the size of the files is 1.25gb?

  9. I have downloaded the two files.But when I am doing "extract here", it is saying checksum error.How to resolve this???

    1. It should work so please try again. it looks you are not downloaded the files properly. May be part of the files you might have downloaded.

  10. I have a problem with running the web tour application attached with it.
    I cant start the "Web server" Does that mean my trial duration has expired?